Road side breakdowns are a fact of life.  What many people don’t realize is that radiator problems account for a lot of those breakdowns.  What a lot of people also don’t know is that they should be doing yearly maintenance on their radiators to keep them clean and running properly.


At City Garage, we know that radiator maintenance and radiator repair in Dallas is something crucial to the well being of your car.  Our ASE certified mechanics have seen and performed every radiator repair Dallas job in the book.  Our professionals will diagnose the problem, walk you through your options, and get you back on the road in no time.


We know you don’t have time for your car to be in the shop for weeks on end waiting on a radiator repair in Dallas.  Whether you need routine maintenance, repair on your unit, or even a complete replacement, we can handle your situation with no problems at all.


At City Garage, we want to earn your business and your trust.  We have been doing radiator repairs in Dallas for a number of years and we want to make your experience with us one you will remember and appreciate.