Oil Change

Oil Change

Synthetic & Valvoline Oil Change in Dallas Texas

If you feel that every three months (3,000 miles) is too often to take your vehicle to the garage for a service, why not use multi-viscosity motor oil that can enable you to delay your oil change by a couple of months (every five months or 5,000 miles would be sufficient). Or it could even be every 6,000 to 7,500 miles if you use Dallas City Garage Valvoline oil for your oil change. Your local Dallas garage offers three alternatives when it comes to oil change products: a full synthetic oil change, a conventional oil change and an environmentally responsible, greener option. All of them have different pros and cons. Our experienced technicians will always be pleased to explain your choices.

The Best Place for an Oil Change in Dallas, TX

Our Dallas City Garage offers a $89 Full Synthetic Oil Change and a $39 Conventional Oil Change. At the Dallas City Garage you can enjoy a $5 discount off any oil change. When you turn to us for an engine oil change, we do far more than simply change your oil!

A certified technician will complete your 30-point program of maintenance, completing a series of checks which includes:

A visual inspection of the engine

Visual chassis inspection

Tire pressure check

Oil filter replaced

Up to six quarts of oil allowed for each of the car oil changes

Oiling grease fittings

For Dallas customers, we recommend a synthetic oil change, as synthetic oil performs better in the Dallas climate and also leaves minimal detritus on the engine parts, enhancing the longevity of your engine. If required you can buy engine oil from us, as well as schedule an appointment when you’re searching for a reliable and cost effective ‘oil change near me’.

Oil Change Specials Near Me in Dallas, TX

When you make an appointment with us for a transmission oil change or engine oil change, you’ll be leaving your vehicle with a team that’s committed to making your vehicle last as long as possible – we aim for 150,000 miles! With regular maintenance and servicing, many of our customers are amazed at how long we can keep them on the road.

Auto Engine Oil from a Dallas City Garage

We don’t just do great oil changes; we also value your business and do our best to make your experience at Dallas City Garage a good one every time you pay us a visit. We offer FREE Wi-Fi when you’re waiting for us to give your vehicle an oil change; if you don’t want to wait, we can drop your vehicle at your home or workplace at your convenience. To schedule an appointment, either fill in the online booking form or call us at (972) 716-0696 (Beltline east of Preston) or (972) 713-6666 (Frankford at Midway). Don’t forget to become a City Garage Preferred Customer to save on your future oil changes or other maintenance and repairs.