Your fuel pump’s main objectives are to send fuel from the tank to the injectors, and creating enough pressure to the injector to provide the precise amount of fuel to the needed location. At Dallas City Garage our Dallas ASE Certified Technicians will make sure your vehicle’s fuel pump is completing the two main objectives.

By having a ineffective fuel pump in your fuel system the probability of disturbing the calibration of your vehicle is very high. Your drained fuel pump could cause not providing your engine with enough fuel, poor idle quality, hesitation when accelerating or a loss of power. Additionally, your weak fuel pump could cause an increase in hydrocarbon emissions. If your car has these problems an emissions test should be completed.

At your Dallas City Garage is able to replace your fuel pump to help get the required pressure to the injector. In addition, all of the fuel system products are Bosch, which is the pioneer of the fuel system. So, stop by your Dallas City Garage auto repair location and let our Dallas ASE Certified Technicians get your car back on the road. You can easily make an appointment at the most convenient Dallas City Garage. All locations offer Free WiFi or you can drop off your vehicle and one of our Dallas ASE certified mechanics will bring it to your home or office when service is complete. Also, don’t forget to become a City Garage Preferred Customer to save on your next visit on all offered services and repairs.