Do you ever wonder how long your vehicle is going to last you before it finally caves in? If you ask your auto dealer, it might be a completely different answer than if you asked your friend. This question’s answer can vary greatly depending on the vehicle you drive, your driving habits, and who you ask. You could oftentimes get an answer anywhere from between 100k to 250k. With those odds, you aren’t ever going to get a definite and reliable estimate on how long you can rely on your car. At City Garage Dallas, we not only fairly diagnose your vehicle and how long you can continue using it the way you do, we also craft a service plan around that diagnosis that stands for the long term. We have the experience and certification needed to make your auto repair and maintenance schedule cost effective and balanced between over charge and neglect. We strive to offer the fairest assessments of your vehicle and the needed maintenance for however long you want to continue driving it. Give us a call today! Your Dallas City Garage offers $25 off any maintenance totaling over $200. By following the plan created by your Dallas ASE Certified Technicians you will be able to achieve the 150,000-mile milestone at the very least, and without a hassle too! You can easily make an appointment online by filling out the contact form. Give us a call today!