All of the lights on and in your vehicle are some of the key safety factors of your vehicle. Without those being completely functional and capable of handling the elements, you are headed for a headlight-less night of driving at some point, or a ticket for a missing tail light. None of which are fun. Here at City Garage, we’d like to help you avoid that.

Whether your headlight has a crack, and water has seeped in to fog up the lenses, or your brake light has an electrical issue causing it to short out, nothing is too difficult for City Garage to accomplish for you. We want you safe on the road, and without proper maintenance on your car lighting system, you can’t do that.

Dallas City Garage locations are able to inspect your headlights, brake lights, signal lights and interior lights. Stop by your Dallas City Garage auto repair location and let one of our Dallas ASE Certified Mechanics check your car lights. You can make an appointment either online or over the phone and all of our locations offer Free Wi-Fi, enabling you to keep working while the repair is being performed.  You can also drop it off and one of our Dallas mechanics will bring your car to your home or office when service is complete. Also, don’t forget to become a City Garage Preferred Customer to save on your next emissions test or any offered service or repair.